Wills and Probate

Wills and Probate

Finalising the affairs of someone who has died can take a long time. It can take up to one year and perhaps longer if matters are not straightforward. The process may involve dealing with banks, building societies, insurance companies and HM Revenue & Customs. 

An Estate cannot be finalised until all claims to it have been received. Individuals have 6 months from the date when Probate was granted to make claims against an Estate. There are other factors which can affect the time taken such as any legal disputes or claims against the Estate, whether Inheritance Tax needs to be paid and ensuring that matters relating to Income Tax, Benefits Agencies and pensions have been resolved. 

Arguments between family members, beneficiaries or Personal Representatives also cause delay. Such disagreements must be resolved before the affairs of the person who has died can be settled.


Process of making a Will

  • Come prepared with details of Executors. These are people you’d like to manage and deal with your Will when you go. Usually a family member or someone you really trust. 
  • Your Will needs to be signed and witnessed (this must be people over 18, and who won’t benefit from your Will) 
  • It sounds obvious, but your Will needs to be your wishes
  • If you are feeling under pressure from someone to make it, take a moment to consider if it’s what you want. 
  • If you’ve made any previous Wills, we’ll need to know so that the one you make takes precedent. 


We at Athi Law LLP will be happy to give you an estimate of the charges which are likely to be involved in administering an Estate. An application for probate where the estate is under £325,000 will cost on average £1200 plus vat and disbursements. An Application for probate where the estate is £325,000 or more will cost on average £2000- £3000 plus vat and disbursements 


Court Fee – £155 (For estates over £5000) (inc vat) Adverts in the Gazette typically cost £250 (plus vat) 

Services not included in the costs above 


Fee earners and the people who will handle your matter 

  • Hem Kumar Athi – Partner – 40 years experience – Solicitor 
  • Manoj Kumar Athi – Partner – 10 years experience – Solicitor 
  • Prem Pal – Partner – 20 years experience – Solicitor 
  • Roy Mason – Legal Executive – 40 years experience

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