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Family Law

When it comes to issues of the family and relationships, we understand that a wide variety of stressors can interfere. Depending on the situation, we will help you face any challenges that may come your way in cases of divorce or separation. We will carefully handle all legal matters of these issues including accommodations for children and domestic violence while putting your full trust in our services.

We offer legal help with:

  • Divorce

  • Separation

  • Children Matters

  • Money and property

  • Domestic Violence

  • Family Law


    Whether it’s obtaining visa applications, securing business sponsorships, or the process of obtaining British Citizenship, we’ve got you covered.

    Business Visa Applications: If you are searching for a non-EU worker, then you’ll require sponsorship licenses from the UK Border Agency. We’ll help you create a contract between your company and the government that guarantees you’ll comply with duties related to sponsoring migrant employees.

    Individual Applications – Residency Requirements: There are a few key requirements we have to meet so that the 5-year rule applies. You must have been present in the UK at the beginning of the 5-year period. The 5-year period ends the day the Home Office receives your completed application. Your absence in the UK should not exceed 450 days, and 90 of these can be in the 365 days leading up to application submission.


    Managing your commercial assets is an important part of the business. Whenever you need to acquire, sell or rent out a property, having a team at your fingertips who can help you with these issues will also be necessary. With so much legal jargon and financial documentation involved, it’s hard to navigate smoothly through the process. 

    Therefore, having external legal help to deal with commercial litigation cases gives peace of mind that the task will be completed properly and efficiently. Hence, you can get back to running your business!

    We offer legal help with:-

  • Business Purchases and sales

  • Non-disclosure agreements

  • Litigation – Commercial and private

  • Licensing of premises

  • Landlord and tenant agreements

  • Debt Collection

  • Insolvency

  • Commercial


    Your offer has been accepted on a home! Congrats. Now what? It’s time to begin the process of transferring the title from seller to buyer. This is also known as “conveyancing”. We’re here to make this process as smooth as possible for you by partnering with local real estate agents who know just how tedious and paperwork-filled this process can be. You’ve got enough to think about, right? We’ll handle everything here so you can have your head in the clouds… literally!

    Wills and PROBATE

    We are a family-run and operated company, which is exactly why we understand how important it is to have a will. A will helps you outline who gets what assets you have acquired when you pass away, so if you don’t do one, the state will decide for you and it may not go to the people you expect! We offer professional assistance in creating your last will that helps ensure your wishes are followed correctly.

    Power of Attorney

    Power of Attorney

    Think ahead. What do you do if? 

    Typically, most of us don’t want to think about not having the ability to make our own decisions or manage our property; but it is good to prepare for such instances. Having a Power of Attorney (POA) is essential in case you might need someone to manage your affairs in advance. 

    Court of Protection: We’ll help you with this or another form of court protection that may be needed when someone cannot make their own decisions which are often caused by some sort of danger, risk, or need for you to act on their behalf for financial and/or health-related matters.


    Buying or selling a house can be a stressful time. 

    We, at Athi Law Solicitors focus on one to one personal service that only a firm like ours can provide. An experienced Lawyer will assist you throughout the transaction and you can see your Solicitor whenever you need to. 

    Our Lawyers explain the buying and selling process in detail and advise you about the potential pitfalls so you can avoid them and complete the process with ease. 

    We also provide you the fee structure of the process so you can budget your finances and be sure that there will be no unexpected additional charges to pay. We deal with re-mortgaging and other property-related issues as well. So, feel free to contact us across all of our branches to discuss your needs.

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