Conveyancing Process

Conveyancing Process

  •  Contracts: At the heart of any property transaction is the contract, which lays out the terms and conditions of the sale which will be agreed upon by both buyer and seller. An experienced conveyancing solicitor is needed to draft such a contract, as well as checking it thoroughly on the buyer’s side. There may also need to be negotiation and compromise on the terms of the contract before an exchange of contracts can take place.
  •  Searches and checks: If you’re purchasing a property we will conduct certain searches and checks on your behalf. These include Local Authority searches which investigate the property’s boundaries, rights of way, planning constraints or permissions and any disputes. Other searches include environmental, water, drainage and land charges, as well as any other checks you may wish to have carried out.
  •  Exchanging contracts: When everyone’s happy with the terms of the contract, conveyancing solicitors on both sides will set a date to exchange contracts. On this date, both parties are committed to the transaction.
  •  Completion: This is one of the most important dates of any property transaction, when the property purchase is completed. Between the date of exchanging contracts and completing, a solicitor can help with any last financial checks and set the date for completion. On this crucial day, the services of a solicitor are essential as everything needs to happen at exactly the right time. Your conveyancer can handle the transfer of funds to pay the balance of the purchase price and, once the keys have been handed over, register the purchase with the Land Registry on your behalf. They can also arrange for stamp duty (if applicable) to be paid.
  • Timescales: A purchase or sale which is not in a chain should take on average 6-8 weeks to complete. This timescale can change, and we will keep you updated throughout your transaction. A sale or purchase in a chain can take longer and on average 12-16 weeks


Freehold & Leasehold Sales / Purchases (prices are subject to VAT at 20% as are fixed fees unless otherwise stated)

Purchase                                                   Minimum Price

Up to £125,000                                          £695

£125,000.01 to £250,000                          £795

£250,000.01 to £350,000                         £995

£350,000.01 to £500,000                         £1100

> £500,000                                                £1250 +

Leasehold flats                                         Price

Up to £125,000                                          £895

£125,000.01 to £250,000                          £1200

£250,000.01 to £350,000                         £1500

£350,000.01 to £500,000                        £1500+

> £500,000                                               £1500+

Add ons                                                    Price

SDLT / LTT                                                £40

TT                                                              £43.20

Help to Buy – ISA                                     £50

Help to Buy – Mortgage                          £150

Shared Equity                                          £175

Miscellaneous                                                Price 

Re-mortgage                                                  £695

Freehold Purchase                                         £695

Basic Transfer of Equity                                 £500

Matrimonial Transfer                                      £500

Transfer of Equity and Re-mortgage            £695

Matrimonial Transfer and Re-mortgage       £695


(plus vat)                    Price 

Land Registry

Fees                           HM Land Registry: Registration Services fees – GOV.UK (

Searches                    £218 full search pack;  £260 premium search pack

Anti Money

Laundering Search     £6

Bankruptcy search      £3

Search of Whole         £4

The following staff members of Athi Law will be assisting you with your conveyancing matter:

  •  Hem Athi – Partner – Solicitor – 40 years plus experience
  •  Manoj Kumar Athi – Partner – Solicitor – 10 years experience
  •  Roy Mason – Legal Executive – 40 years plus experience
  •  Emma Willis – Legal Executive – qualified as a Legal Executive in 2018
  •  Ravi Talwar – Solicitor – qualified in 2019

Services not included in the costs above


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